Our leadership team

Founded in 2011 with a goal to send more laborers into the harvest, Hope Corps has become synonymous with Evangelism in the Apostolic Community. Hope Corps Students are presented with the finest of both Biblical Academia and Intensive Training with the intent of being positioned to begin new works both at home as well as abroad. Equally important is our growing community of Alumni and Leadership that have committed themselves to the cause and are exampling what true Apostolic Supremacy looks like in the 21st Century. Through Christ, we know and believe that all things are possible, and with your Prayers, Support and Partnership we know that they will be possible.

B.J. Wilmoth


Hope Corps is redefining the way that the Apostolic Church embraces and mobilizes local and foreign missions. We can’t wait to see what it’s going to produce in your local assembly!

– B.J. Wilmoth

Caleb Adams

Director of ITW’s

Christy Adams

Director of Operations

Jerry Rowley

Director of Disaster Relief & Properties

James Townley

Assistant Director of ITW’s

Amber Aston

Education Coordinator

Mark Risley

Director of Promotions

Board of Directors

Dr. Johnny King

Dr. Nathaniel J. Wilson

C. Myles Young

Stephen f. Buxton

Hope Corps
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