Four College Level Courses Including One Week of On-Site Intensive Training.

Hope Corps has partnered with Wilson University to offer fully apostolic courses that may apply towards an AA or BS degree when continuing your education at Wilson University. As part of the Hope Corps graduation requirements, students must complete three online courses (six weeks each) for a total of 18 weeks. The fourth course has an online component and includes the Intensive Training Week.

 Biblical Principles

Course 1: Foundational Studies

This course teaches students to think critically about biblical principles and equips them to form a consistent and cohesive worldview. The course also provides an overview of the Bible with emphasis on the key events, primary figures, and principle themes.

Study Topics

• Biblical Worldview
• Significance of the Word
• Pentateuch (Law)
• Historical Books
• Poetry & Wisdom
• Prophets
• Gospels & Acts
• Epistles & Revelation

 Theological Essentials

Course 2: Fundamental Doctrine Studies

In this course, students analyze, defend, and apply foundational theological topics and key doctrines of the Christian faith including salvation, the Godhead, and holiness.

Study Topics

• Salvation
• The Godhead
• Theological Topics
• Holiness
• Israel and the Church
• Apostolic Ministry

Leadership Formation

Course 3: Developing Christian Character

In this course, students examine spiritual formation as an initial and ongoing foundation for the development of their leadership capacity. Students discover their strengths and explore God’s calling in their life. Concepts include spiritual disciplines, spiritual authority, types of leadership, and passion for leadership.

Study Topics

• Leadership: What is it?
• Spirituality and Leadership
• Lifestyle of a Spiritual Leader
• Leadership Styles
• Spiritual Authority
• Church Governance
• Leading vs. Managing
• Leading with Purpose and Passion

Intercultural Studies

Course 4: Local & Foreign Missions (Completed at I.T.W.)

In order to develop a basic level of cross-cultural competency, this course will challenge students to learn about the way people from various cultural backgrounds think, behave, and communicate. The students will also explore foundational understandings of the field of missiology.

Study Topics

• Introduction to Culture
• Cross Culture Evangelism
• A Broader Look at Culture
• Evangelizing Asian Cultures
• Evangelizing African Cultures
• Evangelizing North American Cultures
• Evangelizing Latin American Cultures
• Cultural Theory & Intercultrual Evangelism

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