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Who is Hope Corps?

Hope Corps is for Apostolics of all ages and from all walks of life. If you are looking for ways to expand your growth in God and looking to do more for the kingdom then Hope Corps is for you!

There is no maximum age limit although students should be in good health in order to participate in the Intensive Training Week (ITW). However, students must be 18 years of age (at time of arrival) to participate in an ITW.

We recommend that students wait until they are 17 so as not to have a delay between course work and ITW.

Are Hope Corps and Wilson University the same organization?

No, they are entirely different entities. Hope Corps is a 501c3 non profit with it’s own Chairman, Board of Directors and Volunteer Staff. It is endorsed by the WPF.

We have partnered with Wilson University which provides the college courses as part of the Hope Corps training. As such, specific aspects of the program are not under our control and will be directed to a WU representative.

Can married people participate?
Yes! Hope Corps is open to all students single, engaged, married or divorced. Married students do not have to enroll with their spouse in order to participate. Please note that ITW’s are open only to eligible students.  If you are married, your spouse may not attend ITW unless they are an eligible student as well and will be required to stay in the appropriate dorm.
What are the requirements to enroll?

In order to be accepted into the program you must receive your Pastor (or authorized minister’s) approval.  Additionally, you must have received the gift of the Holy Ghost (with the evidence of speaking in tongues) and have been baptized in Jesus’ Name prior to your application.

What are the classes offered in the program?

Students complete four (4) courses online through our partnership with Wilson University.  Subject matters covered are: Leadership Development, Fundamental & Pentecostal Theology and Doctrine, Personal & Spiritual Development, and Intercultural Studies.  All courses are under the direct supervision of Wilson University.

What is the cost for the four courses?

Course fee structure and payment options are available on the Courses Page.

What is the cost for the Intensive Training Week (ITW)?

We recommend budgeting $1,800 – $2.000 for an ITW. Registration fees include travel insurance, meals, lodging, and events. Not included in the registration fee is: airfare, passport fees, governmental tax fees, uniform shirts, and extra spending money. The overall total budget including the registration fee depends on the location and travel cost.

Please note: Registration fees are NOT tax deductible since it is not a donation but a payment for services rendered.

Can I take just the classes and not the ITW portion?
No. In order to graduate from Hope Corps students must complete the online courses and ITW.
Who pays for me to participate in Hope Corps?

Costs for the program are the responsibility of the student. We encourage students to save prior to enrolling or raise funds through sponsors.

Who is behind the Hope Corps program?
Hope Corps is a non-profit organization driven by pastors and volunteers. Endorsed by the Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship we rely on apostolic ministers, leaders and individuals volunteering their time.
Do I receive an official certificate of completion for my coursework?

Yes! Students receive their certificates at the annual Hope Corps graduation held annually in conjunction with the Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship’s Summit Conference. This certificate is not a degree or degree equivalent. 

Where and when are Intensive Training Weeks?

You can find current information for all ITW’s on the ITW page.

How are Hope Corps alumni assigned to a field? Where can a Hope Corps alumnus go for a mission?
Hope Corps does not assign alumni to any mission or location. Mission assignment locations are between the alumni and his or her pastor.

Hope Corps alumni are encouraged to become immediately involved in their local church as soon as they graduate from the Hope Corps training program. Beyond the local church, there is the potential to work in various fields around the world including North America with their pastor’s approval. Hope Corps stands ready to assist their pastor in any way possible.

Where have Hope Corps alumni been involved?
Hope Corps Alumni and students have all been involved in their local churches. As of August 2012, Hope Corps alumni, with their pastor’s blessings, have also been involved in short term missions trips to eight different countries, for an accumulated duration of 90 weeks on mission.
How do I get started?

If you have an questions please fill out the form below. If you are ready to join go the Enroll page and fill out our online application form. 

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