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Refund Policy

Last Revised: January 25, 2017

Hope Corps Refund Policy



  1. The $50 USD Deposit payment is required for Step 2 of the ITW application process. The purpose of this payment is to secure your placement in your assigned ITW. This deposit payment is NON-REFUNDABLE. If a student wishes to withdraw from ITW after they have paid their deposit, they will forfeit their ITW placement and forfeit their $50 deposit. The deposit fee is transferable in the same year it is paid for transfer to a different ITW location if space is available in the desired ITW.
  2. The Escrow Balance Payment is required two months prior to the ITW start date. The escrow payment covers transportation, food, room and board, other group expenses, as well as individual travel medical insurance. ITW Directors make budget decisions based on the escrow payments received two months prior to the ITW. This escrow payment is NON-REFUNDABLE two months before the ITW begins.  If refunded before that time, the processing fees that Hope Corps incurs for the receipt and refund of the escrow will not be refunded.

Exceptions:  If in the non-refundable 2-month time frame before the ITW begins there are extenuating circumstances that the ITW Staff considers as a valid reason for a student to withdraw from ITW (e.g. health or emergency family related circumstances that would prohibit the student’s participation), the escrow payment is transferable to another ITW in the following year only.
Hope Corps has no obligation to transfer the escrow payment to the following year for the following situations:

  1. If a student provides reasons for withdrawal that the ITW Staff deem to be invalid.
  2. If there is an unexplained absence from the assigned ITW.
  3. If the student does not notify Hope Corps in time to avoid expenses paid out for that student.

Hope Corps ITW Staff reserves the right to approve or decline refund decisions for any individual circumstance at any time.

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